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WHY you need to clean your records

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

There seems to be a multitude of information for record lovers on HOW to best clean their precious vinyl. But not a lot about WHY they should.

For some it’s obvious, the record they just unearthed while digging through copious boxes at the vintage store is visibly dirty and perhaps not handled well by the previous owner(s). For others, it might just not be part of the experience of owning and listening to their records… yet! But they really should!

For me, I believe it’s my responsibility to these black circles to give them a good home and help make them be all that they can possibly be, no matter the history of where they came from or how I ended up with them, sort of like children. I truly love the experience and procedure of listening to a record. Especially so if it’s a meaningful album to me, an interesting new find from Value Village or an album that transports me back to a memorable time in my life. To see a record looking glossy, shiny & new and as good as it can be no matter its age when I pull it from it’s sleeve, that feeling makes me and the record be as one. Hearing the music contained on the grooves, free of noise and static, provides the ultimate listening environment that record collectors truly need (and deserve if they are caring for their beloved vinyl). That's why I developed Vinylcat Record Cleaner, so I could experience my record collection the way I love to; with clear and crisp fidelity, as if I'm in the studio with the artists themselves.

So just like my children, they sometimes need a little wipe on the face to remove a spot of dirt or food so that they look and present themselves as well as you know they can. You look after them and handle them with care. This is exactly what I do for my records. I treat them like loved ones because they are. The very least you can do for your loved ones is keep them clean so they can look, sound and be the best they can be.

Clean your records, and your children - show them you care!

Jim Harrison is an avid record collector, musician, writer, music historian, husband, father of 4 and the developer of Vinylcat Record Cleaner which you can buy here;

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