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I understand you love vinyl- so do I.

From the time I was able to hold myself up on the family’s console hi-fi and watch Nipper spin on an RCA Red Seal, I have been fascinated and intrigued by records. They have always held a special place in my heart and life. I spent a great deal of my younger life working in retail record stores for the love of vinyl and music, eventually becoming a professional musician and since then have consistently been collecting and dealing for almost 40 years.


The hunt for the hidden gem in a second-hand store still makes my vinyl-senses tingle. I admit that I have never been a near-mint purist as I knew that a few light scuffs and marks wouldn’t usually affect the sound of a durable, old record, hence buying used records would still play great when cleaned, no matter how dirty.


But there was a time where I couldn’t purchase a decent record cleaner that would clean and revive the records I obtained; they often came with years of dirt, fingerprints and neglect built-up. So I developed Vinylcat Record Cleaner many years ago to care for my own revolving 5000+ record collection of LPs and 45s. I use the specially developed fluid before every record I play to remove static and any light dust particles for full sonic reproduction.


Now I'm offering everyone the opportunity for safe and super effective cleaning for your own valuable collection. So if an over-eager friend handles your records with greasy chip-fingers or fur from your adored pet falls on your collection, no need to fret; my product performs to the highest standard that (you and) I demand for our precious and much loved records. From retail stores, serious archivists to the new vinyl junkie collector, Vinylcat is easy-to-use and loved for its exceptionally high results and anti-static properties. And it’s proudly made in Canada just like me, Cat!

Why Use Vinylcat Record Cleaner

Here at Vinylcat Records we created the safest, most effective anti-static vinyl record cleaner on the market today. Developed and perfected by a lifelong record collector & music enthusiast to restore the highest quality sound & appearance to your precious vinyl collection.

Vinylcat Record Cleaner contains only the purest ingredients that quickly and safely removes dust, fingerprints, grease and dirt from your records. It leaves nothing on the grooves except a glossy finish and greatly reduces surface noise for the best possible fidelity on playback. Our formula also contains an anti-static agent which helps to keep your records cleaner for longer and of course improve playback.


Using Vinylcat Record Cleaner will give you the best and truest sound reproduction & fidelity when listening to your cherished records no matter how basic or elaborate your hi-fi system. Vinylcat will clean and restore hundreds of LP’s & 45’s and provide static reduction giving you the highest possible results for the best value of any product on the market today.

If you demand the best vinyl record care for your collection, you can trust Vinylcat to be part of your everyday record care & restoration regimen. Restore your grooves to like-new in record time with Vinylcat Record Cleaner.

Jim Harrison- Vinylcat Record Cleaner


Vinylcat Record Cleaner

Lovingly crafted in small batches for your best vinyl experience

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