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  • How often should I clean my records?
    Before every play! Even if your record visually looks clean, a small amount of Vinylcat Record Cleaner applied to a velvet or microfibre pad style record brush will remove the smallest particles from the grooves and greatly reduce static to allow you to get the best possible fidelity out of your records when the needle hits the grooves.
  • Where can I find your product?
    Vinylcat Record Cleaner is available at the fine retail locations listed by province under the More drop-down menu or you can order directly from us by clicking here.
  • Which product (size) is right for me?
    We offer 3 different sizes to suit the cleaning method you prefer. The Vinylcat Record Cleaning kit (with a 4oz spray bottle) is perfect for deep cleaning visually dirty, dusty and mishandled and previously uncared for records and will remove years of neglect and fingerprints as well as built-up static that all records will have to some degree. The “Little Buddy” (a 2oz twist top bottle) would be used with pad style record brushes for quick dust and static removal before every play while the record is spinning on your turntable just before you place the stylus on the grooves. The eco-conscious 1L refill size; “The Big Bopper” is a cost efficient and highly effective replacement solution for any type of record cleaning machine on the market today, such as Spin Clean or VPI.
  • Do you ship to the U.K.?
    We not only ship to the UK, we ship worldwide and quickly too!
  • Does Vinylcat fix scratches on my records?
    Scratches are the one thing that Vinylcat Record Cleaner cannot remove from your cherished vinyl. A visually deep scratch is permanent damage to the grooves and no cleaner can fix such records. Vinylcat can remove everything else that is unwanted on your records to provide you with the best chance of the highest fidelity playback but unfortunately can’t fixed a previously damaged or scratched record.
  • How many records can I clean with your kit?
    No matter what size of Vinylcat is right for your cleaning preference, it will clean and preserve hundreds of your valuable records in the most cost effective method of any record cleaning solution on the market today.


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