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  • “The Big Bopper” – 1L /32 oz
  • “The Big Bopper” – 1L /32 oz
SKU: 627987602111

“The Big Bopper” – 1L /32 oz


Budget-Friendly Eco-Conscious Refill Size

•Ready to use. No diluting required

•Safe, effective and ready to use in all record cleaning machines



  • If you already own a Spin Clean, VPI, Nitty Gritty or other record cleaning machine, we also offer a large 32oz (1 litre) bottle of refill solution. It’s ready-to-use; no diluting required. And as always, our formula is safe and effective for deep cleaning and restoring hundreds of your valuable records with a fidelity enhancing anti-static agent for the highest quality playback with every use. For the record, we are pleased to tell you our bottles are 100% PET; the most friendly recyclable plastic on earth! Eco-conscious and budget friendly too!

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