Vinylcat Record Cleaner contains only the purest ingredients that will quickly and safely remove dust, fingerprints, grease and dirt from your vinyl records. It leaves nothing on the grooves except a glossy finish and greatly reduces surface noise for the best possible fidelity on playback.

The extra-large 8oz/250ml bottle of professional cleaning fluid can restore and clean hundreds of records! We include a large 16"x12" ultra-high quality reusable and washable microfibre cloth.

Vinylcat Record Cleaner is the best way to clean and restore your precious vinyl at home.

Product Review

"I've used vinylcat for several years now. My primary method of cleaning records is the Spin Clean system and I've used vinylcat for additional cleaning as necessary. I find that vinylcat is much better at getting rid of the sticky grime, cigarette smoke residue, than Spin Clean. Your product does this without harming the record as well, I do modify your directions a little. I spay a good amount of vinylcat on the record and then scrub with a goat hair brush. I scrub really good. Sometimes it takes a second application to achieve the best results. I then wipe the record off with a cheesecloth type of rag before I do the final polishing with a microfiber cloth. I usually achieve at least a one grade improvement on the record and the sound quality is vastly improved. I will continue to use vinylcat as there is no better product in my opinion. I'm glad to see it is still available as I will definitely will be purchasing more in the future."

Thank you,

Keith S, Ashland, KY, USA