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Here at Vinylcat Records we created the safest, most effective vinyl record cleaner on the market. Developed and perfected by a lifelong record collector & enthusiast to restore the highest quality sound & appearance of your precious vinyl collection.

From years of digging and buying records in retail record stores, garage sales, flea markets and thrift shops, the need to remove years of dust, fingerprints & grime required a product that will achieve all this and more!


Simply spray the DIY record cleaning fluid on the high-quality microfibre cloth provided with purchase of the 8oz spray bottle or directly on the record to easily wipe off all the unwanted debris, leaving nothing harmful or audible behind.


Using Vinylcat Record Cleaner will give you the best and truest sound reproduction & fidelity when listening to your cherished vinyl no matter how basic or elaborate your hi-fi system.


Vinylcat Record Cleaning fluid can also be used as the cleaning solution with record cleaning machines such as Spin Clean, Nitty Gritty or VPI.


The large 8oz bottle is bigger than other available cleaners and will improve and restore hundreds of LP’s & 45’s, giving you the highest possible results for the best value of any product on the market today. We ship worldwide. Click here to calculate shipping rates to your country.


If you demand the best vinyl record care for your collection, you can trust Vinylcat to be part of your everyday record care & restoration regimen. Restore your grooves to like-new, in record time with Vinylcat Record Cleaner.

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